INSIDER PIGGYBACK BUYS – Reviewing 1H’13 Idea Generation & Performance

There’s any number of reasons for an insider to SELL a stock but there’s typically only one driver that leads insiders to BUY … to make money! We’ve used an audited, proprietary tracker & scoring system that trades aside some of the “best” Insider Buyers for 15 years and, as we often share the ideas on the stream, here’s a look at each & every Insider PIGGYBACK Buy we’ve mentioned in the 1H’13.


Total Idea Count #: 46

Gainers vs Losers (from Idea Generation to Present): 35 – 11

Average % Return (from Idea Generation to Present): +16.79%

Average “Best Out” % Gain (from Idea Generation to Present): +30.45%

Average “Max Draw Down” % Loss (from Idea Generation to Present): -9.69%

Largest Winner: $VVTV +123.26%

Largest Loser: $ATRM -30.14%

Performance Link:

THE TWEETS – Transparently Yours #TwitStamped

@Legacy_Trades 22 Jan INSIDER ACTS: Very few notable buys in FY13. Cannell ADDS L: $MBND 1.96 – 2.00 (favor L < 1.80). Also eye $VVTV, $OLED (fka $PANL), $VICL, $AXAS, $PENX

@Legacy_Trades 27 FebTHE INSIDER PIGGYBACK STRATEGY – *New Blog Post* – Connecting the dots in $IVAC, is now the time to buy? 

@Legacy_Trades 28 FebINSIDER PIGGYBACKS: Review FA & TA; Tier I – $ACI, $ATRM, $AIRT, $CLMS, $ELY, $ENTR, $FCH, $SPRT, $USAP, $ZEUS. Tier II – $GHM, $QBAK, $PNNT

@Legacy_Trades 4 Mar SPEC STAB: Trashy FA but $ETRM Director took a first slug L: @ .95 (150K size). Last @ .85, 52 wk low .81. Reclaim $1 minimum bid candidate?

@Legacy_Trades 4 Mar BIG ADD: A 10% holder tacks on over 50% size L: $ZIGO @ 14.60. Interesting sector, prospects & FA. TA a little dicey w/ 52 week low @ 13.14.

@Legacy_Trades 1 Apr INSIDER BUYS: RGM loves $SPRT, Pennant loves $USAP & Discovery loves $OLED (fka $PANL). Directors add L: $DRAD & $AGCO. Bottoms in @ $PRTS, $CVO & $CVM?

@Legacy_Trades 1 Apr INSIDER BUYS: Honorable mentions type eye on the buys @ Qatar adding $TIF, exec’s buying the $ACFN dip & little known VN Capital adds $BZC.

@Legacy_Trades 17 Apr SIDE WITH STARBOARD – Blog Post: *New* scale 2% AUM starter L: $QTM @ 1.19 – 1.25 (open, DAY), target basis 1.20: 

@Legacy_Trades 29 Apr INSIDER ACTIONS: Slim list but interesting buys/adds of size vs an existing holding; $AGCO, $GE, $ECPG, $FCEL, $CDZI, $SGMA & $DRAD (hold L)

@Legacy_Trades 10 Jun INTERESTING INSIDER BUYS: Check VOL & pair to TA set-ups: $RIMG @ 8.10, $ULBI @ 3.86, $CIA @ 6.15, $OESX @ 2.35, $AINV @ 7.96, $SNTA @ 4.45.

@Legacy_Trades 10 Jun INTERESTING INSIDER BUYS: Check VOL & pair to TA set-ups: $ESCA @ 6.05, $CALD @ 5.99. Top Picks: $BAXS (fka: $TSON) @ 2.28, $CLMS @ 10.52.

@Legacy_Trades 25 Jun FREE LOOK: Forget Money Center & Super $KRE‘s; in FY12 we favored $PACW @ 22 & in FY13 it’s $HEOP. Email  & learn why.

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